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Texas State University

Administrative Survey Calendar

The University Survey Committee maintains a Calendar of Administrative Surveys; surveys that meet criteria specified in the Administrative Survey Policy must be submitted to the University Survey Committee for review and scheduling prior to administration. Please submit survey requests using the Administrative Survey Request form.

Scheduled Administrative Surveys

8/17/2020 Beginning College Student Survey of Engagement (BCSSE) Students
10/5/2020 CORE Alcohol & Drug Survey Students
10/19/2020 Trellis Student Financial Wellness Survey Students
10/26/2020 FSS Diversity Survey Staff
1/25/2021 Skyfactor/EBI Housing Survey Students
2/2/2021 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Students
2/10/2021 LibQual Survey Faculty, Staff, Students
2/15/2021 Confetti & Glitter Use Survey Faculty, Staff, Students
2/22/2021 Skyfactor/EBI Student Center Satisfaction Survey Students
3/22/2021 UPD Campus Safety Survey Faculty, Staff, Students
3/29/2021 RRC Student Satisfaction Survey Students
4/12/2021 Affordable Learning Materials Landscape Survey Faculty
5/3/2021 FSS Sustainability Survey Faculty, Staff, Students

Survey Results

Information about specific administrative surveys and results from previous administrations are available on the Institutional Research Survey Results page.