Institutional Research staff design, develop and administer administrative surveys at the university and division levels. We are unable to administer surveys for individual departments; however, we can provide advice and assistance with the development of departmental survey projects. We are not able to provide survey assistance for grant-funded projects, academic research or academic class projects.

For eligible administrative surveys, Institutional Research can help with survey design, distribution, data collection, data analysis, and/or reports. Please contact us at 512-245-2386 or for additional information.

Institutional Survey Policies

UPPS 01.03.05, Administrative Surveys

UPPS 02.02.03, Protection of Human Research Subjects

UPPS 02.02.09, Email Recruiting of Research Subjects

UPPS 04.03.02, Gifts from University Funds

For information from General Accounting about procedures for the award of gifts/incentives to research participants, see Accounts Payable Office Announcements (search for "Non-Employee Awards, Prizes, or Gifts (063017A)".

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