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Survey Assistance and Resources

The Office of Institutional Research (IR) assists departments and offices with university-level administrative surveys. We do not provide survey services for departmental surveys, grant-funded projects, academic research or students' class projects.

For eligible administrative surveys, IR can help with:

  • Survey design
  • Distribution
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Reports (interactive online or brief summaries)

Please contact the Office of Institutional Research at 512-245-2386 or for additional information.

Survey Software

Qualtrics online survey software is available free of charge for use by Texas State students, faculty and staff; users must access the software using the Texas log in link posted on Texas State's Qualtrics information page.  Links to Qualtrics training and support are also available on the information page.

For small-scale, simple surveys, departments may want to consider using a Gato form as a method of data collection. See the Form Best Practices section of the Gato Content Management System Support User Guide for more information.

Email Distribution Lists of Students, Faculty, and/or Staff

The Division of Information Technology provides the Email List Management Tool where distribution lists of students, faculty, and staff can be generated based on user-selected criteria. Users can export a list or send email from within the tool.

Access to the tool is restricted to faculty and staff.

Institutional Policies Related to Survey Activity

UPPS 01.03.05, Administrative Surveys
UPPS 02.02.03, Protection of Human Research Subjects
UPPS 02.02.09, E-mail Recruiting of Research Subjects
UPPS 04.03.02, Gifts from University Funds

For information from General Accounting about procedures for the award of gifts/incentives to students who are not university employees, see Accounts Payable Office Announcements (search for "Non-Employee Awards, Prizes or Gifts (063017A)".

Survey Calendar

The Administrative Survey Calendar displays a current schedule of administrative surveys that have been reviewed and approved by the University Survey Committee.  If you are planning to administer a survey to students, faculty, staff, and/or alumni, please consult this calendar to determine the best time that does not conflict with other scheduled surveys.

Survey Design

If you are looking for best practices in survey design, please consult the Survey Design Resources page for information and links to resources that may be of assistance.