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Survey & Report Guide

The following table contains a list of many of the surveys and reports producted by Institutional Research with a brief description of the content of each. This information is provided to help you in identifying which reports contain the data you are seeking.

Report Description Location
Board of Regents Fact Sheet General overview of student population, faculty & staff, finances, and facilities. Some peer comparison information is provided. Reports & Projects
University Enrollment General enrollment data and student characteristics. Used for many of the other reports compiled by IR. (CBM001) IR Self-Service: Self-Service Tools
Class Enrollments Enrollment data by individual course (CBM004) IR Self-Service: Self-Service Tools
Common Data Set General information, admissions, degree offerings, student life, expenses, financial aid, faculty and class size, degrees awarded Reports & Projects
Degrees Awarded Degrees conferred during the fiscal year (CBM009) IR Self-Service: Self-Service Tools
Enrollment Projections Enrollment trends and expectations produced by THECB External Reports
Enrollment Report Overview of student enrollment by demographic categories, academic level, and college External Reports
Graduate Outcomes Information compiled by THECB External Reports
Institutional Resume/Profile Institutional enrollments, student costs, funding, and measures of student success External Reports
IPEDS Degrees Comparison of TxState Graduates to those from other US universities IR Self-Service: Peer Data
IPEDS Enrollment Comparison of TxState students to enrollment at other US universities IR Self-Service: Peer Data
Retention and Graduation Rates Can be broken down based on major, college, gender, etc. IR Self-Service: Self-Service Tools
Texas State Board Survey Comparative data from peer institutions on student meal plans and rates IR Self-Service: Peer Data
Texas State Room Survey Comparative data from peer institutions on student housing, occupancy, amenities, and rates IR Self-Service: Peer Data
Tuition and Fee Survey Comparative data from peer institutions on tuition and fee rates IR Self-Service: Peer Data
Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE) Information on entering students past experiences and expectations Administrative Survey Results
National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Student participation in programs and activities related to learning and personal development Administrative Survey Results
Cost of Attendance Survey Data used to estimate student expenses, used in building financial aid budgets Administrative Survey Results