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State Mandated Reports

Texas State University is providing web-based copies of reports that are mandated by the State of Texas, as required by House Bill 1016 of the 76th Legislative Session. Most reports are now available, however not all reports are maintained by the Office of Institutional Research. Where appropriate, the following list links to the appropriate department or office at the University responsible for maintaining and updating the report.



Report Title  Update Cycle
Administrative Accountability Report Annual
Affirmative Action Plan (UPPS)  Biennial
Affordability Report Annual
Annual Reports and Inventories  Annual
Audit Report  Annual
Contracts in Excess of $15,000 Quarterly
EEO Reporting (fiscal year) Annual
FTE State Employees   Quarterly
Veteran Workforce Report Quarterly
Historically Underutilized Business Reporting Semi-Annual/Annual
Information for the Texas Historical Commission  Annual
Investment Reports Quarterly
Operating Budget Annual
ORP Report Annual
Requests for Public Information  Monthly
Salary Supplementation  Annual
Staff Compensation Report Annual