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Self-Service Tools

Self-Service Tools

The interactive self-service tools below are designed to make accessing and exploring university data easier and more convenient. Due to the private nature of some data, certain tools are restricted to faculty and/or staff of the university. 


Enrollment Explorer


University Enrollment Explorer
Fall 2006 to Fall 2019

Allows you to explore information related to all students or selected groups. Information includes demographics, origin, and current enrollment information. Data can be filtered based on several criteria.

SCH Production


SCH Production and Student Headcount by Semester
AY 2008 to AY 2019

SCH production and student headcount by Academic Year (AY) for the University are available in this tool. Data can be broken down in various ways.

degrees awarded


Degrees Awarded
AY 2006 to AY 2019

Provides details on the total number of degrees awarded per Academic Year (AY) to students at Texas State University. Data can be filtered by College, Department, semester, and other factors.

Employee Information


General Employee Information
Fall 2007 to Fall 2019

Provides general information about employees at Texas State University based on data collected every Fall semester. Employees are placed into categories based on their primary position assignment. Student workers and other hourly/task workers are not included in this tool.


In addition to our public facing self-service tools, the Office of Institutional Research has prepared several tools and reports for internal use. These internal tools and reports are available through CatStats, our on-line reporting portal. Access to CatStats is restricted to university faculty and staff for job related duties only. Services in this area include reports and tools for topics such as:

  • Retention and Graduation Rates
  • Grade Distributions
  • Academic Program Review
  • and more!

Proceed to CatStats!


Pivot Tables

Below are links to the older MS Pivot Tables which were replaced by the Self-Service Tools and CatStats.

Student Enrollment : Enrollment Data (CBM001) (XLSX, 37 MB)

Updated 10/1/2019

Degrees Awarded : Degrees (CBM009) (XLSX, 4 MB)

Updated 10/1/2019

Student Headcount & SCH : Student Headcount & SCH (CBM004) (XLSX, 7 MB)
Updated 10/1/2019