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Peer Data

Peer Institutions

Texas State University prides itself on comparing favorably to multiple peer groups both in and out of the state. Within Texas, we primarily compare ourselves to other Emerging Research Universities (ERUs) as determined the the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Through the THECB Accountability System, Texas State also compares itself to five out-of-state peers of similar classification. At a national level, Texas State compares itself to multiple institutions who are similar in enrollment, diversity, mission, and state funding.

A full list of the peer institutions by peer group is available.

IPEDS Peer Comparison Feedback Report

The figures in this report provide selected indicators for Texas State and a comparison group of institutions. The figures are based on data collected during the IPEDS collection cycle. This report provides a list of pre-selected comparison group institutions and the criteria used for their selection. Additional information about these indicators and the preselected comparison group are provided in the Methodological Notes at the end of the report.

Peer Studies

Annually, Texas State collects comparative data from peer institutions for use in planning and decision-making. The Office of Institutional Research administers these surveys and makes results available to participating institutions. Currently, data are collected regarding tuition, fees, and room and board costs. For each of the surveys listed below, results are available for current and past years. You may choose a specific year using the drop-down selection box within each survey.

Tuition and Fee Survey (Tuition and fee rates)

Texas State Board Survey (Student meal plans and rates)

Texas State Room Survey (Student housing capacity, occupancy, amenities, and rates)


Peer Enrollment and Degree Data

The following pivot tables present peer data on enrollment and degrees awarded at U.S. public four-year universities:

IPEDS Degrees : Updated 07/02/2012 (XLSX, 7 MB)
This report can be used to compare Texas State graduates to degree earners at U.S. universities by sector, name of institution, state, Carnegie classification, degree level, major, gender, and race/ethnicity. This information may be helpful for comparing degrees awarded in specific majors at Texas State to degrees awarded in those majors at other institutions.
IPEDS Enrollment : Updated 02/24/2012 (XLSX, 412 KB)
This report can be used to compare Texas State students to enrollment at U.S. public universities by name of institution, state, Carnegie classification, full- or part-time enrollment status, gender, and race/ethnicity. This information may be helpful for comparing the diversity of Texas State enrollment to the expected diversity based on enrollment at peer institutions.

NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with using pivot tables, we have provided links to a couple of tutorials on the Self-Service Tools Help Page webpage