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Joe Meyer, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research

Photo of Joe Meyer
Joe joined the Office of Institutional Research as a planning analyst in 1989, and has served as director of the office since 1996. In addition to serving as director of the office, Joe serves on the University Leadership Council and Enrollment Management Council, among others at Texas State. Joe and his staff submit state and federally mandated reports; develop and publish administrative reports; ensure the accuracy and integrity of university data and reports; provide assessment and planning assistance to administrative departments; and provide data and analytical support to the Texas State University System Office. [more]

Tami Rice, Director of Institutional Research

Photo of Tami Rice
Tami joined the Office of Institutional Research as a planning analyst in 1997, and served as the associate director of the office and as the chief data governance officer for the university from 2012-2017. She was promoted to Director of Institutional Research in December 2017. She is responsible for providing data and analytical support to the Texas State University System Office; chairing the Texas State University System Institutional Research Council, and the Texas State University Data Governance Council; serving as the State Reporting Official; coordinating the Legislative Budget Board performance measures reporting process; and managing the Data Governance Program at Texas State.  [more]

Ana Webb, Administrative Assistant III

Photo of Ana Webb
Ana’s duties include purchasing, budget management, travel, and maintaining the Institutional Research office calendar. She provides administrative support for the office, as well tracking projects and surveys. [more]

Kate Amorella Proff, Database Administrator

Photo of Kate Amorella Proff
Kate serves as the liaison between Institutional Research and the Information Technology division.  Her primary responsibilities include data architecture, dashboarding, and server administration. She is a member of the Data Governance Council, the Student Information System Coordinating Council, the Enterprise Systems Coordinating Council, and the Texas State University System Institutional Research Council. [more]

Susan Thompson, Senior Research Analyst

Photo of Susan Thompson
Susan is responsible for coordinating administrative surveys and assisting departments with the development and implementation of administrative assessment projects. She also serves as chair of the University Survey committee, is a member of the Institutional Review Board, and she chaired the Texas State Staff Council in 2002.  [more]

G. Marc Turner, Senior Research Analyst

Photo of G. Marc Turner
Marc’s primary responsibilities include building interactive dashboards, predictive modeling, compiling faculty and staff demographics, supporting assessment activities, completing standard reports, providing training on data visualization, and maintaining the IR Self-Service Tools. He serves on the Institutional Review Board, the Retention Council, the Admissions Standards Committee, and other University committees. Marc is also a member of the Texas State University System - IR Council where he provides development, assistance, and training on data visualization for component institutions.  [more]

Richard Batey, Research Analyst

Photo of Richard Batey
Richard completes federal reports, responds to external surveys, provides data for policy development, performs database design and maintenance, and engages in internet programming for electronic reports.  Richard also serves on the Texas State Transfer Advisory Council, the University Survey Committee, and he is a member of the Texas Association for Institutional Research (TAIR).  [more]

To Be Determined, Research Analyst

Image coming soon

Primary responsibilities include the completion of Coordinating Board reports including the organization and implementation of changes, monitoring and maintaining ETL processes for the IR data repository, validating data in the IR repository, and documenting reporting standards.